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Name: 】Far Infrared Ray Slimming Suit Sets Cr022
Intro: 】Far Infrared Ray Slimming Suit Sets Cr022
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Far Infrared Ray Slimming Suit Sets

Firms and shapes your midriff, tummy, sides, back, derriere, hips, thighs and upper legs!
A must for every woman, every body shapes.
Guaranteed to make you feel and look better in every outfit you own!

1. Suitable for all body shape
2. Used in areas where fats are deposited.
3. Providing upright posture of the hip,
making it round & corrects the curvature
of the hips
4. Effectively protects the shape of the buttock
5. Stitching techniques trims the hips
6. Mould the waistline & corrects improper Posture
7. Effectively controls growth of the tummy
8. Enclosing fats at the armpits 
1. Can effectively reduce the fats in body without hurting the muscle.
2. Achieve ideal effect without retrieval.
3. Simple to wear & clean
4. Have no possibility of obvious side-effect or abuse.
5. Improve the metabolic condition of the fat, strengthening their health

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